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Short Hair Necessities

Robious CorridorI remember sitting with my hairdresser and saying ‘yes’ to the short crop cut that he said would make me look ten years younger, my heart pounding with every clip of the scissors. I loved the results, particularly with the highlights he had strategically placed earlier throughout my ash colored hair. All was going well until my daughter and son-in-law stopped in, and I saw the shocked expression of my daughter’s hubby to my drastic change. Who is this woman?

Long story short, I had spiked my hair to the nine’s with texturizing paste, essentially exaggerating the terrific job done by my hairdresser.

I learned this; sometimes natural is better and the first place to start is with a fabulous haircut.  I now tread softly when trying to improve on what is already terrific. 

Spring and summer love a short do. And girls, volume is back, so have at it!

Here are a few tips that guarantee great short hair:

A great cut. Find a stylist who knows about face shapes and who gets you. A friend of mine since grade school will not give up her 3-inch-past-shoulder length hair, and she always looks tired. A great stylist will tell you the truth about what a hair style can and can’t do. What’s your goal, to keep the memory alive or to look fabulous at your present age?

A good shampoo. There are too many brands to count, but shampoos come to suit your hair type whether it is fine, thick, dry, damaged, over-processed, you get the idea. Do condition. Seek advice from your stylist.

A body booster/mousse/styling cream. Volume is back, but it does not come to one naturally. I use one that takes my fine hair to its rightful place in the universe; without it, hair is flat to my head. One plus, it smells divine!

A curling iron – spring for a good one! This nifty tool will tame stubborn hair, smooth out a cowlick, and give you lift, which translates to youth.

A great brush. Some of us have several, but the perfect little teaser, or one with a giant barrel to use as you blow dry your hair to give a lift, or one that actually can touch your scalp for a good brush out.

Hairspray. Couldn’t live without it. Mine is light, with a clean smell, and touch of witch hazel, a product my grand-mother swore by. It will give your hair staying power.

I know this, a great haircut, more than makeup, fashion, or a new lipstick can enhance your inner self and make you feel fabulous. I thank my stylist every time for “taking off five years,” again!

Fantastic Sams

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