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Trojan Rack up More Post Season Honors

Midlothian High School


Conner ReaMidlothian Soccer standout, Conner Rea, has been named First Team All-Metro for Boys Soccer by the Richmond Times Dispatch. Conner will continue his soccer career at Longwood in the Fall.

Michael South was also named to the Second Team All-Metro for Boys Soccer.

Abby Snead represented the girls Trojan squad by being named to the Second Team All-Metro for Girls Soccer Team.

On the tennis courts, Matthew Cousins made the Richmond Times Dispatch All-Metro Tennis Team.

Midlothian’s Sarah Holland was named to the All Metro Second Team for Girls Tennis.





Liz Dorneman

Robious Corridor

brought to you by Liz Dorneman, Long & Foster Real Estate

Take a break at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Lewis GinterLewis Ginter Botanical Gardes

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, known nationally as “One of the Nation’s Best Botanical Gardens” reacted to the recent negative news events in a unique way this weekend. 

If you need some nature therapy, Lewis Ginter is allowing people to enter free of charge through Sunday, July tenth.

Visit the award-winning exhibit  Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® Bricks  now through September 18, 2016.

Please note that Butterflies LIVE! is closed while repairs due to storm damage are made to the Conservatory’s North Wing.

The rest of the Conservatory is open. Any updates on the status of Butterflies LIVE! will be posted HERE.

Robious CorridorHELP WANTED!

Robious Middle School PTA

Attention all rising 6th and 7th Robious Middle School parents, the Raiders are in need of a treasurer for the upcoming school year.

Please contact Kim Miller,, to get more information.

A Great Deal on Summer Camp for Kids

The Summer Camps at Good Shepherd Episcopal School

Buy 4 or more camps and get 10% off total purchase, including bridge care!

Enter Code FRIENDS10

GSES Summer CampRobious Corridor

Wow – The Summer Camps at Good Shepard Episcopal School still have a couple of spaces left in next week’s Bread Camp! Don’t miss out on a week of your camper learning how to make delicious home-made breads! Campers learn a different type of bread each day, including cinnamon rolls. Register now at

The Summer camps at Good Shepherd Episcopal School return bigger and better for 2016. They have the top camp providers from the tri-city area under one roof for 11 weeks of fun activities for children ages 5 – 14.  Mountain biking, building with Lego blocks, cooking camps, tech camps, art and craft camps, drama camps and much more. 

Want Minions, Minecraft & Mythology?  The Summer camps at Good Shepherd Episcopal School has them.

How about Dinosaurs & Star Wars?  The Summer camps at Good Shepherd Episcopal School has them too.

They have it all!

Pre & Post Camp care plus lunch bridge care are available.

The greatest thing about this summer camp is that your kids can go one full day, one session of the day, or you can mix and match to meet the needs of your schedule.  Brilliant! A summer camp created that fits your changing schedule and one that your kids will love!


Good Shepard Episcopal School

4207 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, Va 23225

Good Shepard Episcopal SchoolRUNS FROM:

NOW through August 26


Have a blast with them this summer – the 2016 SUMMER OF FUN!


Summer 5K Series

Midlothian High School Track

Midlothian High School TrackInterested in running a 5K to benefit the Midlothian High School Track Program?

The Friends of Pocahontas State Park and the Midlothian Track Team are working together to co-sponsor a Summer 5K Series.

There will be four 5K runs on different courses in Pocahontas State Park – July 12 & 19 and August 9 & 16.

The cost is just $5.00 for students (elementary through college) and $10 for adults. ‘

Just show up and run for a good cause!!


July 12 & 19 and August 9 & 16


Pocahontas State Park




Friendly Fridays

acac Midlothian

acac MidlothianPool members are invited to bring a guest family for FREE every Friday night this summer from 6:00- 10:00pm for Friendly Fridays. Enjoy activities, food and drinks, swimming, and more every Friday night at the acac Midlothian WaterPark this summer.

See below for the full schedule:

July 15 | Princess & Superhero

Be sure to bring your camera to capture special guest appearances by your favorite princes and princesses. We’ll have crafts and activities led by your favorite characters!

July 22 | Inflatables Night

Party on the turf field with our giant water slide, slip-n-slide, bounce house, gaga pit, and a 40’ foot obstacle course! Veggie pasta and chicken wings will be available for purchase.

July 29 | Beer Tasting

Join Ardent Craft Ales, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, and Midnight Brewery poolside at our Beer Tasting night! And of course, we’ll have beer brats, buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, and Caesar Romaine hearts to accompany your beer!

August 5 | Olympic Games

Celebrate the 2016 Summer Games with acac. Put your skills to the challenge with our Olympic Games, including a noodle toss, NERF gun target practice, races, and more. Chicken sausages with peppers and onions will be on the grill!

August 12 | Movie Night

 Bring the whole family for a modern mammal metropolis at our showing of Zootopia. We’ll have popcorn and movie candy for sale, plus FREE animal crackers with the purchase of any corndog!

August 19 | Art Party

Bring an old shirt and your imagination for a Friendly Fridays Art Party! We’ll have an assortment of art projects so you’ll have a messy blast, no matter your skill level. And for those who want to get creative with their food, join us for a baked potato bar with sour cream, butter, chives, cheese, olives, bacon and more.

August 26 | Floats & Floats

Join us for a special float night – with pool floats and root beer floats! Parents, we’ll have hard root beer floats for you too. And if you’re still hungry, you can build your own tacos with toppings of your choice or grab a homemade guacamole burger.

September 2 | Movie Night

End summer with a family favorite – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’ll have popcorn and movie candy for sale.

*Schedule and food are subject to change and dependent upon weather. Beer and wine are available for purchase for those 21 and older. Please, no outside alcohol.


 Robious Corridor

Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

Winterfield Veterinary Hospital


beeImagine how hard just one bee works in a single day. Bees tend to at least 2,000 flowers daily, with tiny wings beating 10,000 times per minute, carrying pollen, and dramatically assisting our food supply.

Sound exhausting? Bees get thirsty, and they need safe water sources. The problem is water is not always available.

Bees need very shallow water to drink from. However, shallow water evaporates quickly. Birdbaths are not the best option as bees tend to drown if the water is not be shallow enough. As for river and lakes, bees risk their lives trying to get water in the presence of fishes, frogs, and other wildlife, not to mention the risk of being swept away in water currents.

To help hydrate our little pollinators, set up a water feeder by filling a pie pan with marbles and then water.  The marbles give the bees a spot to land so that they don’t drown when they come to drink. No more drowned bees!

post via Natural Cures not Medicine

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acac midlothian



acac Midlothian


mom hungryIs your summer filled with “I’m hungry” from your kids seemingly every hour?

In order not to feel like a short order cook or a drive-thru expert, here are a few ideas to keep the family healthier and less cranky.

-Carry a small cooler bad with bottled water, fresh fruit, nuts, some protein bars, string cheese, and some Greek yogurts (try putting them in the freezer for a couple hours).

-If every pool trip turns into a candy and soda binge, it will increase cravings for those foods even more and discourage healthy choices.

-Try not to use food as rewards or bribes. Stickers, stamps, family outings, movie night, etc. are better options.

-It’s also important that parents set the example of clean eating as well. Kids learn so much by what we do, not just what we say.

-Summer can be a time to enjoy some new food experiences; maybe try a cooking class together or let kids help out more with food preparation. It will be messy, but worth it.

Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist




Family Guidance Centers

Robious Corridor


How To Prepare For Your First Band Camp in College


band campIn just a few weeks most university bands will hold their first day of band camp and we want you to be ready for it. As a prospective rookie or first year member band camp in college can be both overwhelming and stressful. For some, you must still audition on day one to even try to get into the band. For others who have already auditioned, you’ll be thrown into the deep end right away.

We brought our whole team together and brainstormed on the top pieces of advice we can bestow upon a rookie member on their first day of band camp.

Let’s start with those that are going to audition on that first day:

1) PRACTICE! We know you’ve heard that from everyone, but seriously if you haven’t been buzzing everyday and playing for at least 30 minutes you are already way behind other rookies. Here is a fun fact, when you arrive you won’t be the best musician in the band. You may have been the best in your high school, but you will not be the best in your college band on day one of your first band camp. Now that we’ve told you that, go practice again. You should have a senior level solo piece and your scales under your belt. You should also be prepared to sight read. You will absolutely be amazed at the quality of players that you will be up against and the best way for you to stand out is in your playing audition. On that note, go practice again.

2) Watch youtube videos of the band you are auditioning for. Pay attention to their marching style. Practice marching in your back yard in their style. Many universities have very different styles and not all only march 8 to 5. Learn to high stop and practice trying to play while high stepping. You don’t want to be asked to high step and play at the same time and not know what you’re doing. It is a big change from the roll step.

3) Bring valve oil and have your horn cleaned before you arrive. The worst thing in an audition is for someone to come in and have sticky valves and blame their poor audition on their horn. Don’t be that guy.


Now for the rest of you who already know you’re going to be marching in your college band and are preparing to be thrown into the fire on day one, here are our survival tips:

1) Don’t be late! High school band instructors might not penalize you as much for being late or taking your time to get into position, but in college we have no time to waste. Be on time and be ready to go. Your job is to impress your squad/section leaders. Show them you are taking this serious. There will be plenty of time for fun. No one likes a late rookie.

2) Work on your cardio. Go for a run. Use these next 6 weeks to do some exercise outside. Get your body used to the heat and try to build your cardio up. In college band you will move through drill sets faster than in high school. You will be putting in 12-14 hour days and you will need to be able to handle that much exercise in the heat.

3) When you get time to drink water, DO IT! When you are given a 2 hour lunch break, EAT! If you have time to take a nap after the afternoon session, TAKE IT! Use your time wisely. You need to drink water, you need to eat and you need to sleep.

4) Speaking of sleeping, do not go out and try to enjoy college while you are on campus for band camp. You will have SOOOO much time to do that after camp is done. Go to your dorm, shower, stretch, learn your music and get a good night sleep. Trust us.

5) Make friends. College can be a huge overwhelming place and you are being given the chance to meet 200+ people before everyone else. Swap numbers, instagram handles, snapchat names or whatever you kids use these days and connect. Making friends right away will help cure any homesickness and make band even that much more fun!

6) Plan to eat with your fellow rookies in your section. You guys will be extremely close friends for the next 4 years you might as well start by eating meals together now. Coordinate these meals together and don’t leave anyone out. Walk to the cafeteria or a local restaurant together or coordinate picnic lunches. Those were some of the best times together.

7) Bring an extra change of clothes everyday.

8) Don’t do anything stupid. Show respect to your Directors, student leaders and fellow rookies. Everyone there wants to have a great time and enjoy band. If you don’t like something talk to someone about it. Let your leaders deal with it.

9) Don’t skimp out on buying band swag. You should wear it proudly around town and in class. It is cool to be in band in college.

10) HAVE A GREAT TIME! You are about to start the best experience of your young life and by golly you should enjoy the heck out of it. Take in every moment, take a thousand pictures, pull up a few blades of grass and keep them for yourself, do it all! This is your moment. After you graduate you won’t have the chance to go back and do it again.



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Robious Corridor

Five Things to Help Keep You Safe

National Advancements for Proactive Safety


top 5My wife suggested that I write something that focused on a little more positivity. She’s right. It’s 4th of July weekend; a time for celebration. Besides, there is no shortage of depressing, sobering stories in the news. If bombings, active shooter violence and international terrorism aren’t enough to bring you down, you can always bring up the political news of the day. After just a few moments of analysis on the upcoming November election, I’m ready to crawl into my bed for a week, throw the blankets over my head and suck my thumb.

So lets get away from all of that, for this week anyway. Besides, we all know that there will be plenty of time to write about next week’s doom and gloom. For this coming holiday, I would like to do something that I have been terribly averse to doing. My social media agent has been begging me to do this; my editor has insisted that I give it a shot. Finally, they have managed to talk the one person in my life I cannot deny (my wife) into “recommending” that I take their professional advice. These guys went below the belt with that one.

So here it is: My “proactive safety” list. Those things that you should be mindful of during the holiday season that will keep you safe (I can’t believe I am actually doing this…. The hungry blogger has no shame, no pride…. No readers. He does what he can to survive). So, here’s how I survive:

Be Prepared – I am pretty well prepared for some serious issues on a $15.00 budget. For that amount, I can keep some duct tape, one of those 24-packs of bottled water (that are always on sale at the grocery store), a tarp, some bungee cords, a few glow sticks and some disposable lighters in the trunk of my car. Every single one of those things has served me well, and on multiple occasions. Doesn’t hurt to have a Leatherman or a Swiss-Army knife handy, too.

Don’t Over Prepare – A bug out bag…. Really? Where are you bugging out to? Someone else’s house who subsequently bugged out to somewhere else (maybe they are at your house, since you’re no longer there).

Hey, if you want to put together a gear bag that will keep you alive in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or an alien invasion, or a meteor colliding with the planet, by all means feel free. But I can assure you that you would be a fool to leave the security of your residence in a realistic emergency situation. Gear up, secure your home, and stay put. When was the last time you heard the emergency broadcast system say, “This is not a test, do not stay in your homes, leave at once and rough it on the open roadway with your family. Be mindful of marauders. This is not a test.”

You’re Being Watched – Don’t worry, I don’t mean that in sense that you are being stalked or that the Government has a drone flying over you while you’re tanning in your backyard (at least not that I know of). But if you are anything like anyone else in the United States, you are bound to be out and about with 320 million of your closest friends. You’ve probably gotten your share of stares.

Be cognizant of your environment. You should keep in mind who has their eyes on you. Most of us are harmless, but you just never know.

You’re Getting Distracted – The mighty smartphone has done for my wife and children what I have never been able to do: Keep their attention. It’s also damn distracting. Remember what I told you about all the people watching you? You probably wouldn’t notice since your engrossed with that blog article on proactive safety that you are reading on your phone.

How dare I judge; I’m guilty too. I just suggest that you take every other sentence and keep that head on a swivel, take a look around and make sure the world is moving the way that you expect it to.

You Should Be Rude – This is probably the most difficult thing about staying safe. There are stories after stories about people who have been accosted or in danger, and they “knew” that something bad was going to happen. Their instincts were screaming that something was wrong, yet they managed to convince themselves that they were over-reacting. And because they were so concerned about losing-face or being impolite, they went along anyway and they let something bad happen.

If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, don’t let politeness get in the way of your safety. Be rude, tell whoever you need to in a forceful, aggressive voice to leave you alone and that you will not be intimidated into doing something that you don’t want to do. We have become desensitized and so well trained to following every thing we are told to do that we have forgotten our own basic instincts of self-preservation. It’s time to break that habit.

I wanted to make this a list of ten things, but after reading these five, I am convinced that no one reading this far would have gone any further. So with that, I wish all of you and yours a very safe and pleasant 4th of July holiday.


JWELLS001Jason Wells is the President and Founder of the National Advancements for Proactive Safety, an educational non-profit organization committed to providing a safe community through intervention processes. He is a former Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, and holds a Masters of Science with highest honors in Strategic Security and Protection Management. Mr. Wells is currently pursuing his doctorate in Strategic Security with a focus on proactive interventions to stop threat-related behavior. Additionally, he is a weekly contributing writer to the online publication Robious Corridor and has been featured in the Huffington Post and His first book on proactive safety will be out this Fall. Jason can be contacted at





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Sunday Weather Outlook

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Sunday’s weather at a glance…



Mostly sunny, with a high near 90. Northwest wind 3 to 5 mph.



Sunday Night

Partly cloudy, with a low around 68. Calm wind.




A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 89. Chance of precipitation is 20%.



Monday Night

A chance of showers and thunderstorms between 8pm and midnight. Partly cloudy, with a low around 69. Chance of precipitation is 40%.




A chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon. Partly sunny, with a high near 87. Chance of precipitation is 40%.



Tuesday Night

A chance of showers and thunderstorms before midnight. Partly cloudy, with a low around 71. Chance of precipitation is 40%.




Mostly sunny, with a high near 88.



Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, with a low around 72.




Mostly sunny, with a high near 91.



Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, with a low around 73.




Sunny, with a high near 93.





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