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SnackingI often hear of the challenges of finding healthy snacks that are satisfying. Texture, variety, and flavor should not have to be sacrificed when choosing to eat healthier and cleaner. Here are a few of my favorites that contain protein, healthy fat, and fiber:

1. Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps. They come in six different flavors and are baked to satisfy the chip craving. Make sure you portion them out and most grocery stores sell them near the produce section.
2. Kefir Cup is a new product that looks similar to Greek yogurt but has more probiotics and less sugar. There is a small fruit blend that you mix in, but it only has 4 g of sugar.
3. A homemade trail mix with a 1/2 cup serving of healthy cereal such as Power O’s, handful of low sodium nuts, 1-2 tsp of sunflower or pumpkin seeds, and 1 tsp of dried fruit is a simple snack to carry with you.
4. Many protein bars are loaded with sugar and preservatives, but the Rx Bar contains only four ingredients and contains 12 g of protein.
5. Try some new types of hummus, such as those made with beets, sweet potatoes, or curry and coconut. It gives raw vegetables some kick.
6. Baked avocado fries with salsa, buffalo cauliflower, or baked sweet potato wedges are flavorful ways to get in more fiber and antioxidants.
7. Almond butter with apple slices satisfies the sweet tooth with a boost of protein and healthy fat.
8. Halo Top ice cream is diabetic friendly since it is sweetened with stevia and has 6 g of protein and only 60-70 calories per serving. A nice treat, but let it soften for better creaminess.

Don’t get stuck in the diet trap and eat only bland, low calorie foods. You’ll have better results with a more colorful mix of produce, clean carbs, protein, and healthy fat.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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