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snack Robious CorridorNow is a good time to get the family more focused on healthy habits for the school year. A snack basket without chips and fruit roll ups is a good place to start. Low sugar granola bars, dehydrated or fresh fruit, raw veggies with a dip, frozen Greek yogurt, homemade trail mix, celery with peanut butter, baked sugar snaps, or string cheese with nitrite free turkey are a few ideas to keep the kids energized all day.

If lunch is packed the night before, it allows a few extra minutes to eat a protein packed breakfast. Parents, we need to follow the same guidelines as the kids. Coffee is not a complete breakfast. Last but not least, give kids water or milk for lunch; the juice boxes generally have too much sugar. If kids can have a water bottle at their desk, remind them to keep it with them and hydrate throughout the day. The brain will function better when we give out body what it needs.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

acac Midlothian has provided Robious Corridor Magazine and Robious Corridor Online with valuable health, nutrition, and fitness information for years.  In fact, since our first issue.  We welcome their guidance and recognize them as a Keystone Corporate Partner!


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