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Evelyn Ivey is taking the fight to Teenage Depression & Anxiety…and you can help!

She is shaving her head to Help End the Stigma of Teenage Depression & Anxiety

Robious Middle School

The death of Chris Cornell shook the media recently.  Cornell had battled depression and anxiety since his teenage years.  A highly-regarded musician and vocalist, depression and anxiety silenced him forever.  The Robious Corridor is no stranger to the effects of teenage depression and anxiety.  We have felt the effects first hand.  And the effects or horrible.  They affect us all in some way or another.  They affected Evelyn Ivey too.  Who is Evelyn Ivey?  Funny you should ask…

Evelyn IveyEvelyn Ivey is an 8th grader at Robious Middle School. She is an attentive student.  One thing that was easy for Evelyn to notice was her brother.  He has shaved his head for the past several years, in passionate support for an organization that he is involved.  Evelyn is also caring and likes to help people too.

Last year, Ivey made the decision that she would shave her head too.  But she took it one step further. Evelyn wanted to raise $13,000 to represent the thirteen years of happiness and healthiness that she has been blessed with. Most of the participants only raise a few hundred dollars, at most, to shave their heads, but a girl shaving her head, now that’s another story!

The story began n January 2017. Evelyn attended a holiday party for Girl Power Grants at The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation (CKG). She is an active member and on the leadership team of Girl Power Grants (CPG). CPG is an organization that has 100 girls, ages 12-17, raising $100 each to give away $10,000 to a local non-profit organization. The party at the CKG Foundation celebrated the first recipient of their grant, and they partnered with Cameron’s Mission.  Evelyn says. “ I truly fell in love with their mission, which is Cameron’s mission, to end the stigma associated with teenage anxiety and depression. Not only is this a global concern, but I have friends and classmates that have dealt with this, making it hit even closer to home with me. “

Evelyn IveyIvey realized on that January night that she had her own organization that she wanted to shave her head for. While she believed in her brother’s passion, she knew that she was called to be a part of Cameron’s story. Now Evgelyn would be raising $13,000 for something she believed in.

She quickly shared this idea with Cameron’s Dream Team, and was blessed with another amazing moment. Cameron’s Dream Team told Evelyn about the 13.1 kilometer race that Cameron finished just prior to collapsing in her dad’s arms. She knew then that her new goal would be to raise $13.1k in honor of Cameron.

She was and continues to be completely committed to raising this money and shaving her head.

Evelyn realizes that $13.1k is a lot of money, but shaving her head is “worth it all,” as one of Cameron’s sayings goes.  She has relied on many friends and family to help her accomplish her goal. She also believes that Robious Corridor Online can help.  And she is right!

Evelyn Ivey will be shaving her head on June 9th. Right now, Evelyn has raised 2,310 dollars.  She has $10,790 to go to reach her goal of $13.100.  She is going to need our help.

Helping people in the Robious Corridor is what we do.  As we have said, many times in the past, that is how we roll.  And we roll deep.  So, we encourage all of our readers to go to to donate to Eveyln’s great cause.  We also encourage all of our readers to share this post on social media to help get the word out and increase awareness.  She needs our help, please donate what you can.  Evelyn is willing to shave all of hair from her head to help end the stigma of teenage depression and anxiety.  All that you have to do to help is to donate a few dollars.

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