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portionsWatching your portions is one of the best ways to enjoy a variety of foods without feeling like you have to give up all of your favorite foods.

Saving 150 calories simply by pre-packing a single serving size of your snacks and knowing what a half cup serving of brown rice looks like can add up. It can allow for that wonderful square of your favorite dark chocolate bar without blowing your calorie goals for the day.

Many people forget to check what the serving size is on a food label and just grab a few handfuls, not realizing that they just doubled their snack serving size and calorie amount. High sugar foods tend to be more difficult to manage if we don’t pre-portion them. If it’s there, we want to eat it.

Although January is a time for new goals, and we tend to over commit and under perform, why not simply decide to move a little more and balance your diet with more produce and better portion control? We can all handle that.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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