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May 4th and 5th 2016…Midlothian, VA…

Robious Middle SchoolRobious Middle School is proud to announce that  more than 1200 students will run one mile through the American Running Association’s (ARA)  2016  National Run A Mile (NRAMD) program. This program teaches fitness and athletics to elementary and middle school children.  Over 35,000 students across the country will answer the call, “Are You a Miler?” from May to early June through NRAMD.

National Run A Mile Days is a “Youth running” program with the goals of celebrating the mile as the starting point to a lifestyle of better fitness in all youth. The festive nature of a Run A Mile Days event at an elementary or middle school encourages parents, teachers and other adults to support the effort that running is fun and can lead our youth to improved health, lower weights and a sense of well-being.

Robious Middle SchoolRobious Middle School is one of over 100 schools participating in this program. On May 4th and 5th, students will experience what it feels like to cross a finisher’s line and earn that sense of accomplishment all runners appreciate. Every student will receive an “Are You A Miler?” t-shirt provided by NRAMD. Robious is the first school in this area to participate in NRAMD, through their efforts, encouragement and excitement, they enrolled an unprecedented number of students demonstrating their commitment to healthy lifestyles and fitness among youth.

NRAMD is open to any school or youth group involving elementary and middle school age youth.  Participants will be provided with incentives, t-shirts, posters and certificates for their accomplishment, all underwritten by the ARA.  For additional information, contact either ARA or NRAMD via their website or www.american or David Watt, Executive Director at 703-731-3429 or

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