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Focusing to relax, Building self-awareness, Skills for coping, Managing emotions

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Mindfulness in MotionMindfulness in Motion is an open enrollment group to assist in management of anxiety, depression, stress and anger, chronic pain, and job burn out. Mindfulness is the art of focusing your attention willfully. This group is skills-based in that you will learn a variety of strategies to manage aforementioned issues and practice these skills both within and outside of the group using real life scenarios. The major components of the group include the following:

  1. Review of mindfulness, recognition of feelings, learning to focus on physical sensations of tension and relaxation, and strategies to manage feelings.
  2. Practice of skills learned.
  3. Feedback from the group leader as well as other group members to assist you in incorporating these skills into your day-to- day activities.

Other benefits of this group include support from others in areas you are struggling as well as improving social skills.

The group will run Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

The first session is offered at a reduced fee of $20.00 for you to hear and see what is being offered and make the decision if you would like to continue.

Additional sessions cost $40.00, unless you would like to purchase a bundle package (6 sessions at $35.00= $210.00 total).

Dr. Jones, Licensed Clinical Psychologist of Family Guidance Centers, will be conducting this group at our Chesterfield office. Please contact our office to obtain information on joining this group.

6603 Irongate Square North Chesterfield, VA 23234      804-743-0960


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