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Meet Malinda Tiffany, LCSW

CHESTERFIELD, VA. (September 2018)

Malinda Tiffany“Outpatient Therapy can help most anyone boost their confidence and overall life outlook, enhance motivation and insight, and provide tools to overcome future stressors and unresolved issues from the past. Let go of the negative thinking, heightened emotional reactions (like anger, sadness and self-loathing) and dysfunctional behaviors that are holding you back by creating new, healthier ways of thinking, feeling and being! Through collaborative relationships, I as a therapist help and guide clients to do the work needed to change the impacts trauma, anxiety, depression, relationships, grief, loss, health problems, and negative beliefs have had their lives!”


Malinda Tiffany, LCSW, has been a professional social worker for over 20 years, most of them focused on serving children and families. Malinda has worked in a variety of settings, including home health and hospice, adult corrections, Medicaid managed care, and private practice. Malinda earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at SUNY College at Brockport. She has spent 15 years working in Central Virginia for agencies that provide a range of community-based services, educational and residential services to youth and families. She has also served on local FAPT and CSA committees, as well as led workgroups and professional development courses focused on person centered and trauma informed service planning, quality improvement, employee morale, electronic health records, and a range of other topics.


Malinda currently is focused on working with youth, adults, and families to find resolution to conflicts experienced relating to trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, relationship/family conflict, and other life stressors. Through a variety of therapeutic and coaching techniques (EMDR, CBT, Solution Focused, Guided Imagery), Malinda strives to help her clients think, feel and respond positively in their daily lives.

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