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Meet Beau, Therapy dog in training

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Robious Corridor OnlineMeet Beau,  The newest member to the great staff at Family Guidance Centers, in Midlothian.  Beau was born in Pennsylvania but recently made the trip to the Robious Corridor to begin the rigorous Therapy Dog training process.   Beau is grateful for the opportunity and was reported to say, “As the staff therapist-in-training, I strive to make all the humans that come my way smile!”

As a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, you can expect Beau to stand almost three feet tall and weigh in at around one hundred pounds when he is fully grown.The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is a perfect breed for Therapy Dog duties. Bernese mountain dogs are a breed that generally does well with children, as they are very affectionate. They are patient dogs that take well to children climbing over them. Though they have great energy, a Bernese will also be happy with a calm evening.

Bernese work well with other pets and around strangers.[9] They are excellent guardians. They tend to bond with one owner, and are somewhat aloof and ‘standoffish.’  As  a therapy dog in training, Beau can’t wait to get his certification when he turns a year old! He enjoys digging, traveling, and cuddling!  You can follow me on Instagram! – @beauthebernie

For more information, contact Family Guidance Centers at 804-743-0960 for more information or appointments.

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