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holiday robious corridorWith the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are eating on the run, not getting enough sleep, and stress levels are rising.

These can all be factors that can trigger acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD. About 6% of the population suffers from GERD, but almost 20% in the US suffer from heartburn. Foods that may make the symptoms worse for some are citrus foods or juice, coffee, caffeinated soda, tea, alcohol, tomatoes, onions, mint, chocolate, and fried or fatty foods. Some people may have difficulty with cheese, but Greek yogurt, Kefir, and other probiotic rich foods are soothing to the gut.

It’s important to slow down a bit to enable your body to digest foods more easily. The fast food trips add a big dose of sodium and saturated fat which takes longer to digest and can trigger more acid production.

Remember how important consistent exercise is to maintain energy, but it also manages stress. We tend to sleep more soundly when our diet and exercise routines don’t suffer. Weight loss, not smoking, and sleep management are shown to be important to reduce GERD symptoms and possibly help to reduce the daily PPI meds that many people rely on for treatment.

Slow down and enjoy all the good things that we have in our life and our body will feel better as well.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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