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HolidayAre you finding yourself getting stressed out with the holidays? When our stress hormones, particularly Cortisol, overloads our system, it can weaken our immune system and even increase our risk of disease. So what do we do to manage all of this stress? Experts recommend taking some of the following simple steps to reduce the pressure and find enjoyment:

We know that exercise is important for boosting the feel good hormones and our energy levels, but even 15 minutes of “play” can also have a big impact on reducing stress. A game or puzzle, favorite music, the comic section of the newspaper, or the latest HBO special of a new comedian are all ways to increase enjoyment and laugh a little.

Remember the last time you had a massage and every muscle was relaxed as you floated out of the spa? Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, or simply prioritizing your day can minimize the physical and mental drain.

Some people find that changing their perspective on what one really needs to be happy can be an integral part of balancing one’s life. This time of the year tends to become very commercialized and we worry about getting the right gifts for everyone on our list. Try to think back to your most memorable holidays; is that sweater really going to be the thing a loved one remembers or the joy and laughter of being together, sharing a great meal and hearing those crazy family stories .

Try to slow down and enjoy the moment; they don’t last long.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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