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HolidayHere are a few tips to help you stay healthy (and sane) over the holidays.

It’s okay to say no; we don’t have to be everything to everybody. If some obligations are too stressful this year, find a healthier solution. For example, if the thought of the getting the perfect family picture to use for those fifty Christmas cards is just becoming a big headache, take a few candid pictures on Christmas morning and send just a few cards to special loved ones in January.

Sleep deprivation can impact our stress levels and patience, so make up for a couple extra hours on the weekend to rejuvenate. Studies have shown that a recovery night can help with alertness and concentration. Also, watch out for hidden caffeine at night in hot chocolate, tea, or chocolate.

When travelling on the road, instead of pulling into the fast food line, why not find the closest grocery store? A quick trip through the salad bar, a small bag of mixed nuts, Greek yogurt, and sparkling water is a healthy alternative that you can feel good about.

Even planning something fun in January can be a great way to involve friends that you haven’t had time to connect with over the holidays. A new activity- art class, yoga, Zumba, or getting that personal training session to finally ramp up your workout routine- can all be more fun with a buddy.

Finding that healthy balance in our life is rarely easy, but so worth it for our health. We don’t need to compare ourselves to
magazines, Facebook posts, or even our friends; just aim to be better- not perfect.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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