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freezing Robious CorridorAre you still relying on frozen dinners when you don’t feel like cooking? With the fall weather, this is a perfect time to start making more soups, stews, and healthy casseroles.

Why not freeze single serving meals to use instead of the high salt, highly processed, and low fiber (and flavor) versions?Anything with higher liquid content tends to freeze well. Other foods that freeze well are cooked beans, grains, enchiladas, and burgers. When freezing vegetables, try to leave some crunch so it won’t turn to mush when it’s reheated. Anything with a breading or salad greens don’t do well frozen.

Many people find science projects a year later in the back of the freezer when foods aren’t dated and labeled clearly. Color coded tape with largely marked dates in either glass or safe plastic containers work well. They can go right into the microwave to defrost. Double bag plastic freezer bags if you don’t have enough containers. It may be helpful to also have a list of foods taped to the door of the freezer as a quick reminder and check off as foods are used.

Remember to cool foods completely before freezing to prevent bacterial growth and it is best not to re-freeze defrosted foods. In general, frozen chicken and meats keep well about three months, fish up to six months, and vegetables 9 months.
I like to have plenty of fresh herbs or spice blends available to give an extra boost of flavors to reheated foods. Fresh avocado or slivered nuts also give added texture after you have heated your frozen foods.

Try some new recipes and boost your health. You will save money, time, and instantly boost your nutrition.

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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