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Food Robious CorridorGrocery shopping and eating out are part of our lives, but there are some easy-to-use free apps that can help you make healthier choices quickly. It’s important to track the quality of our foods and not just the calorie count. Here are two practical apps to add to your phone:

Healthyout: This app helps you find healthier restaurant meals that are close to you. There are many filters for dietary restrictions and specific needs. It gives easy to read nutrition information for specific menu items that make it much easier to track your daily dietary goals.

Fooducate. You scan the barcode with your phone and it gives the food a nutrition grade and then offers healthier alternatives. It can also help you track exercise and calorie intake as well as offer motivational tips.

Why not try these apps and see if this can keep us more balanced with our fitness goals?

Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

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