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Now that the school year is in full swing, are you finding time to have family meals together?

Work schedules, sports practices, and after-school lessons leave little time for meal planning and preparation. Try to block out at least a couple nights that the family can reduce the stress of the day with a relaxing, electronic-free dinner. Slowing down to actually have a conversation is important for managing stress, learning better portion control by not scarfing food down in 10 minutes.

Roasting a sheet pan of vegetables with olive oil, a few spices, and grilled fish or chicken can bring many positive results. If kids learn to help prep some foods on the weekend for their lunches and get involved in choosing some new combinations and flavors, especially with vegetables, it may actually become a habit that lasts into adulthood.

Try encouraging a few small changes; just drinking water or milk with meals, limiting desserts, and adding more color to our plates. We don’t need to reward kids with food; much better to plan an activity together instead of getting ice cream.


Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

acac Midlothian has provided Robious Corridor Magazine and Robious Corridor Online with valuable health, nutrition, and fitness information for years.  Since our first issue, we welcome their guidance and recognize them as a Keystone Corporate Partner!


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