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Emily Morrissey – In the Spotlight

Emily Needs a Bike

Do you remember the day you got your first bike?  Do you remember the day you learned to ride a bike?  Sure you do.  Like most things in life, we tend to take things like that for granted.

Meet Emily Morrissey.  Emily lives in Salisbury and is a student in the Moderately Impaired Disabled (MOID) class at Monacan High School.

Emily has faced some challenges in her life. She has almost always faced them with a smile, though. Over the last year, she has made tremendous strides in both her confidence and independence. So much so, that she participated in the Special Olympics, where she has won several medals.

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Emily Morrissey

Recently, Emily got a badly needed brace for her left leg.  The brace didn’t slow her down, though.  In fact, Emily said “it makes her stand straighter and run faster.” That is just how Emily rolls and why she is in The Spotlight this morning.

As part of her physical therapy, Emily was able to try out an adaptive bike. It was love at first sight. The smile on her face while she was riding went from ear to ear.  Having an adaptive bike of her own would go a long way to continue to build Emily’s new found confidence and independence.  The only problem is that adaptive bikes are ridiculously expensive.  Each one is custom made to suit the exact needs of each rider.  Big problem.

Not for Emily, though.  She doesn’t think like that.  Emily applied for and was accepted as a participant in “The Great Bike Giveaway”

What is “The Great Bike Giveaway”?  It is a program that provides adaptive bikes to special needs kids. Almost every child can recall their first experience learning to ride a bike and the exhilaration and confidence that came with mastering this skill. Every kid deserves to have that same experience, regardless of their abilities. So, Emily needs a bike.

Adaptive bikes give individuals with special needs independence, exercise and most importantly the chance to be included in bike rides with their friends and family.

Here, at Robious Corridor Online, we do the right thing.  Because when you do the right thing, you will never be wrong.  Emily needs a bike.  If you would like to donate to Emily’s quest for an adaptive bike, click HERE.  If you cannot donate, Emily said that is okay, but she did ask for people to vote for her to win the bike by clicking HERE and scrolling down the page.  And if you scroll down the page a little bit further, you can share Emily’s page with your Facebook friends.

Emily needs a bike.  That is why…

Emily Morrissey…is in the Winterfield Veterinary Hospital Spotlight!


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