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eating robious corridor onlineOne of the best ways to control mindless eating is to keep an accurate food log. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that “The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost.”

Simply keeping track with a daily food log can almost double a person’s weight loss. Knowing that you are going to write down

everything you eat actually encourages people to consume fewer calories. Accountability is an important tool, so finding a supportive group or program can definitely improve results and give needed encouragement.

Most folks with busy lives underestimate what they really eat because our portion size is larger and we forget about the extra little nibbles. Yes, even the Costco samples count!

That extra 200-400 calories a day can really add up in a week’s time. Understanding the stress triggers that lead to unhealthy eating choices or even binging is important to connect. Habits won’t change unless we have strategies to manage them. Writing everything down can help one to make the connection and then find alternative options. Be honest and accurate and you can use this simple tool to make long-lasting change that really will improve your health and keep you motivated.


Written by Donna Wheeler, acac nutritionist

acac Midlothian has provided Robious Corridor Magazine and Robious Corridor Online with valuable health, nutrition, and fitness information for years.  In fact, since our first issue.  We welcome their guidance and recognize them as a Keystone Corporate Partner!


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