Christine Harrington

She Took a Long Way Home

Christine Harrington1A long time ago, in 2003, Christine Harrington graduated from James River High School before heading to the University of Colorado to get her degree in Nursing.  Harrington put her skills to good use around the country as a traveling nurse and also as a volunteer nurse in several foreign countries.

Along her journey, which began here in the Robious Corridor, tending to the medical needs of those in need has take Harrington to some interesting places.  Most recently, Christine returned to the Robious Corridor after serving on board the Africa Mercy in Madagascar for two months.  Africa Mercy, the largest private hospital ship in the world, is the flagship for Mercy Ships.  The Mercy Ships tend to the needs of the enormous number of people throughout the world who do not have access to modern healthcare and surgery.

A long way from home, Harrington proudly served as a volunteer on the health care mission, giving her time, her skills, paying her own travel expenses, room and board while on the ship.   Stationed off the coast of Madagascar, an impoverished island near the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Christine’s goal was to have a positive and lasting impact on those in need. To provide hope and life to those in the greatest need.  To help those who needed help the most.  To change lives.

Along the way Harrington was given a few memorable gifts.  Memories of life changing patients and their families.  Memories of heartwarming successes and heartbreaking failures.  Memories of working with great people who shared her passion and dedication.  Memories of great joy and of great despair. Memories that will last in her mind forever.

A long journey that began at James River High School, allowed Christine to change lives in the Robious Corridor.  To change lives around the country.  And now, off of the Coast of Africa in Madagascar, to change lives around the world.

Along the way Christine was given the greatest gift.  

A long time ago, someone said the greatest gift you can receive is the gift you give.

Along the way Christine realized that while she was changing the lives of those in need, they were changing hers.



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